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June 14, 2021 the summit of chiefs of the NATO states and governments will take place at the NATO headquarters in Brussels chaired by the NATO General Secretary.

The questions of Eastern Europe are on the agenda of the summit. Thereby it should be made clear to the chiefs of the NATO states the Belarusian position on the issue of the elimination of the anti-popular terrorist Lukashenka regime in Belarus.

1. It is impossible to eliminate the Lukashenka regime by any most tough Western sanctions because Putin’s Russia will support the Lukashenka regime. Russia has the financial capacity to do this.

2. The tough economic and financial sanctions will lead to the total influence of Kremlin on the Lukashenka regime, as well as will create conditions for the hybrid annexation of Belarus by Russia. The Russian military presence in Belarus would be a fact.

3. The sanctions will strike very hard the people of Belarus and paralyze the resistance. The repressions against the people will be not stopped.

4. The international economic and financial sanctions must be directed against Putin’s Russia which is supporting and financing the terrorist Lukashenka regime in Belarus.

5. It is possible to eliminate the terrorist anti-popular regime in Belarus only from within by the popular resistance and revolution.

6. The first revolutionary action of the people will be the restoration of the rule of law as well as of the 1994 Constitution of Belarus which has been trampled and rejected by A. Lukashenka.

The parliamentary elections in accordance with the 1994 and to a majority system will represent the second action. Тhe third action will be undertaken by the elected Parliament. It will eliminate the executive power of the president and establish the Government of the parliamentary Republic of Belarus.

7. Explanation The national and democratic liberation forces of Belarus express their demands. At the same time the Kremlin has its own position based on the Russian Gazprom, Russian secret services as well as on the groups of P. Latushka, V. Babaryka and S. Tikhanouskaya which have been set up in Belarus.

These groups are supporting the idea of total economic sanctions against Belarus as well as are in favour of the new presidential elections under the unconstitutional law of the Lukashenka regime.

Тhis position of the mentioned groups provides Moscow unlimited opportunities to put in presidential office its new creature which would have the absolute power in Belarus.

8. The Belarusian national liberation forces are struggling against the hybrid Moscow’s plans and the Russian politics in Belarus as well as against the terrorist pro-Moscow Lukashenka regime for free and democratic Belarus.


June 11, 2021            The Belarusian National Secretariat “Free Belarus”



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